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"…makes room for better people."


"…makes room for better people."

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Definitely worth waiting for.


Definitely worth waiting for.

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When you get a low score on a test which you really studied for.




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sugar series //colors oranized neatly

emily blincoe

july/august 2013

doug omg

Loving the sweet life

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"We go out with someone, we get excited about them, and then they do something that mildly disappoints us. Then they keep doing a lot more things that disappoint us. Then we go into hyper-excuse mode for weeks or possibly months, because the last thing we want to think is that this great man that we are so excited about is in the process of turning into a creep. We try to come up with some explanation for why they’re behaving that way, any explanation, no matter how ridiculous, than the one explanation that’s the truth: He’s just not that into me."
—Greg Behrendt, He’s Just Not That Into You (via simply-quotes)


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Photographer’s girlfriend leads him around the world

Man I’ve reblogged this like 3 times already.. I never do that. But I LOVE THIS SO MUCH, SON!

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